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Here goes a rant that is directed to both the consumers of SEO services and the providers of SEO services. To most in the industry this may be a “duh” kind of read. Trust me, it’s not as “duh” as you think. If we are honest with each other for a second, you could probably relate to a portion of this article. I hope this is an eye opener to someone. Lets start with the consumer.

To the consumers of SEO services

Close your eyes and think about the initial meeting you and your SEO provider had. Back when they first grabbed your attention by promising first page organic placement, more backlinks than the internet could handle, a 9% bounce rate, and organic traffic out the wazoo (did I just use that word). In fact, they promised so much organic traffic that it could potentially replace you pay per click traffic. Music to your ears! More money in the bank!

Remember when they called you back the next week with the game plan they put together to deliver on those promises? They explained their on-site process and how important it was to get the initial optimization done before they moved off site. And then two weeks later they called to fill you in on all of the on-site optimization they did. Remember? Two weeks later they sent you a spreadsheet of those thousands of backlinks they built, right? I DOUBT IT!

I highly doubt the provider spent time to educate you. I also doubt that you asked the appropriate questions. We are being transparent here…don’t forget that. As an SEO myself I understand why providers don’t take time to educate and explain why and what they are doing to get you better results. It’s a safety net. If their strategy fails, they can come up with all kinds of reasoning why. And trust me…you won’t have ANY idea what they are talking about. Algorithm changes. (Shall I say more lol) Sure, what they are saying may be valid but how do you know? Lets walk through the initial conversation you first had with your provider.

Provider: “I promise¬†first page organic placement”

Consumer response should be: What will you be doing to get me on the first page exactly?

Provider: “more backlinks than the internet could handle”

Consumer response should be: What type of backlinks will you be pointing at my website? Boat loads of low quality links or quality authoritative links?

Provider: “We will do all of your on-site optimization”

Consumer response should be:¬†What exactly does that mean? What will you be “optimizing”? Just my home page?

I am not saying you should hound your provider or develop an annoying or pressured relationship upfront. I’m saying you should be educated. You should understand what you are receiving. This will cut back on SO MANY problems in the future. When you feel like your provider is not executing certain task you can turn back to your initial conversation. Be honest with me and yourself for a second. Remember that time a competitor came into your office and blew your socks off saying your current provider wasn’t doing this and that and blah blah blah? You immediately called your provider and blew his brains out. You cancelled your services with them and went with this new company. 5 months later your traffic dropped, your rankings dropped, and you were furious. Come on…….

If you were educated, you would have known that your provider was in fact, taking care of you. Your initial conversation with a provider is crucial. You are at the development stage of a long, successful relationship. (hopefully) There should be a level of trust between you and your provider. This will make a provider want to work 10 times as hard for YOU.

To the provider of SEO services

STOP TRYING TO KNOCK THE SOCKS OFF OF YOUR CLIENTS BY TELLING THEM THINGS YOU KNOW YOU WILL NEVER DO! Develop an effective strategy and educate the provider. Instead of getting ticked off that they are nagging you about this and that, educate them. And if you don’t do your job, someone like me is going to come by and effectively rip your half baked strategy to shreds and educate the consumer myself. (Just a heads up)

I will be posting many more articles like this one. My goal is to help consumers and providers develop a healthy working relationship. There is so much turnover in the automotive industry when it comes to web providers. Consumers don’t trust their providers so they cut them off and/or providers don’t deliver on their word and the consumer has no idea.

Share this article with those in the industry whom you think could use it! If you’re interested in Automotive SEO or would like more information on digital marketing services, contact us today!

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I am the owner and Chief Operations Officer of Drive Digital Group. My role is to oversee the operations of the company across all products & Services.

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Chris Burns

I am the owner and Chief Operations Officer of Drive Digital Group. My role is to oversee the operations of the company across all products & Services.