Geo Fencing

It’s true. You can now target active buyers while they are in the showroom (or car lot) of competitive car dealerships in your local area. It’s one of the most discussed – and perhaps most misunderstood – lead generation strategies the automotive industry has seen to date. It’s pretty clever if you ask me. And the bottom line is: geo fencing is highly effective – and lethal – if used intelligently on competitors. It’s the perfect companion to existing PPC campaign strategies.

How Does GEO Fencing Work?

As depicted in the photo above it’s devilishly simple, yet from a technology standpoint its sort of complicated. Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Buyers Visit Competitor Showrooms And It Begins…

Let’s say a user is near the bottom of the conversion funnel – or in other words, they’re just about ready to buy. They’ve done the model research, the model comparisons, and perhaps even compared dealership reviews at the geographic level. They’ve found a car and they’re ready to pull the trigger. They proceed to call your competitor to arrange a test drive. Things get interesting once they pull onto the car lot…

Step 2: Your Ads are Sent in app adversing to Buyers

To do geofencing on mobile, the user must be within either an app or a mobile web browsing session. Making calls, checking email, or text messaging don’t allow for the right environment on a phone for targeted ads to be served. Within a regular retail environment, only a small portion of all people might be doing one of these needed actions leading to scalability issues. A user must be able to look at their phone. If a phone is in a pocket or purse and not being used, there is no opportunity to reach that user even if they are in the exact spot you want to reach them at.. From the ad, potential buyers are taken to:

Step 3: A Persuasive Landing Page w/ a Converting Deal

After users click the ad, they are immediately taken to a mobile optimized landing page that gets them to take action. You should have multiple deals rotating for unique visitors to see which deal gets the highest conversions. If the potential buyer feels that you can offer a better deal, then congratulations. You’ve just stole your competitor’s lead.

If you’d like to get started with a mobile geo fencing campaign, then reach out today!