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Marketing to Millennial Car Buyers

The good old days of car buying, when the customers would wander from dealer to dealer looking at cars on the lot, is over for many buyers. A good example is the Millennial buyer, typically considered a person born from the late 1980s to the 2000s. These customers have grown up with the Internet, and use it daily as part of their lives.

automotive search engine optimization

Millennials rarely set foot in a retail store, they probably don’t read a newspaper in printed form, and they may not listen to commercial radio stations. They research online, they critique online, and most important they buy online. This is perhaps the most fundamental change in the auto industry in the last 20+ years. If you intend to sell to Millennials, you are expected to have an internet presence. As important is how you react to them on social media. If they ask you questions on your Facebook or Twitter page, they expect a prompt response. If you don’t have a social media presence, you probably won’t have Millennials as customers. Here is what you need to do if you want to engage Millennials in your business:

Be Transparent

Millennials may be the best-educated buyers you will encounter in your dealership. They might want to touch, see, and drive cars that interest them, but they will have done a lot of homework prior to that point. Part of that research is knowledge of pricing, so keeping that information from them will turn them off to your dealership. Millennials are used to seeing pricing, and if they like it they expect to pay it. They don’t want to haggle over details or hidden pricing schemes. If you try to hard-sell a Millennial, they will be perfectly happy to go somewhere where their style of buying is accepted and welcome.

Sharing is Your Friend

Millennials share information on a daily basis, and you can tap into that if you know how to interact with them. Having your positive dealership interaction shared across social networks can be a big boost to business, so don’t minimize it or think it’s not important. To a Millennial, passing on information is second nature and a normal part of their day. A polite reminder to ask them to share their positive feedback with their friends and social contacts is not unexpected to them. Also, if they have a problem with your dealership, ask them to tell you first and be given a chance to make it right. You don’t want to hear about unhappy customers or prospects from outside the dealership after the complaints make the rounds on social media. That damage can be hard to control at that point.

Millennials View the World Differently From Their Parents

Millennials view money and how it’s used differently from their parents or grandparents. The previous generations bought a car and kept it for many years, effectively wearing it out to use it beyond its pay-off date. Millennials, on the other hand, are very comfortable with making payments within their budget. They like new things, and may be comfortable with car payments that won’t end in the near future. This makes leasing or longer term purchase contracts more viable for younger buyers with good jobs and in no rush to pay off their car.

If your dealership is not ahead of the curve on dealing with Millennials, Drive Digital Group can help. We have expertise in creating advertising programs suitable for all types of buyers. We can help you with social media programs, drive more traffic to your dealership, and give you excellent value from having a smart selling strategy for Millennials. Let Drive Digital Group help you market in the 21st Century with dealership advertising that’s new and exciting!

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