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You want to sell cars online, so what is the most obvious thing to do? Simple: advertise. However, in this day and age of advertising and reaching out to the people, employing only traditional media such as print or television is not enough. Arguably, the traditional media still has high reachability, but in order to gain a wider reach, you need to explore online media as well – where dealer social media marketing plays a big role. When compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing and social media marketing, in particular, are considerably less expansive, yet provide a much higher ROI.

Automotive social media marketing is relatively new and it has no hard and fast rules. It is not just about creating communities and posting regularly. Social media marketing strategies vary widely as advertising companies hold their methods very close to the chest. Drive Digital Group has our own propriety methods of marketing on social platforms that has proven to be highly effective for car dealers.


So what is social media marketing? To put it in a nutshell, it is effective usage of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. to reach out to your target audience (TG) by developing suitable marketing strategies. The basic step is to identify your TG and then create communities on these websites and start adding people who have similar interests pertaining to the product or service that you are offering. After that you start interacting with them and slowly build a network. In this process, you are reaching out to more and more people.

However, it is easier said than done. True, you are reaching out to people, but how do you convert them into business prospects? How do you convince them that your product will be useful to them? You can’t keep promoting the product blindly and expect others to order it right away. For example: if you are selling a floor cleaner, you need to first highlight the features of the product, sometimes provide floor cleaning tips etc. The objective is to provide a personal touch so that you can actually “connect” with the people in the community. Talk with them and ask their opinions about floor cleaning problems, have contests, hold polls, in order to make the community more interactive.

When it comes to automotive social media marketing, we are experts and have a long list of satisfied clients you are welcome to speak with about their individual results with us. This unconventional marketing approach is a boon to car dealers. Generating more traffic, converting the traffic into sales, reaching out to a target audience etc. – you can leave it all to us. Just give us a call and we will get right back to you!

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    Drive Digital Group has taken our internet marketing to new heights. They designed a clean and user-friendly website that has allowed our advertising efforts to truly pay off. The team is consistently searching for ways to improve our business, and they are always available to help in any way. I would recommend Drive to anyone that is looking for a digital marketing company that is always a step ahead.

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    Drive digital Group has helped our dealership Island Auto Buyers enter into the world of the Internet. Prior to Signing with Drive Digital we had ZERO internet presence. Thanks to the SEO team we are on Google front pages and are now selling cars ! Thanks for taking Island Auto Buyers to the next level !!!


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