Top 5 Most Common Mistakes Made With PPC Advertising

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automotive ppc We have all been there. The first time we start off Pay Per Click Campaigns, the basic idea is to design a campaign that has all the necessary keywords in them and you’re good to go right? Wrong.

Using the homepage as the landing page

Put yourself in the searcher’s shoes. You found a specific item on an ad on the right side of a search engine results page and clicked it. You were then directed to the homepage of the site that has the item you want. You then have to search through all the different categories and keep a sharp eye out for your item. All in all, it will take you about a couple of minutes to finally placing your order. This shouldn’t be practiced. Instead, design and optimize a separate landing page.

Poor Landing Pages

Relevant information is vital for people who have already made up their mind on something that they want and that is what your landing page should provide immediately. Whether a visitor wants to make a purchase or gather more information, it should be provided immediately. However, trying to provide everything under the sun on your landing page as it is going to clutter it up.

Overflowing Keywords

This is a common occurrence among budding search engine optimizers which is a very big mistake that will affect the Adwords quality scores as well as relevancy. It may be a huge challenge to find the equilibrium between ad-words and your keywords but once achieved, the click through rates (CTR) is absolutely positive. The usual practice is 25 keywords for every ad group.

Ignoring Trends

It is usually a matter of overlooking this simple yet magical PPC ingredient that which is why it does not rake in the desired number of clicks. You can usually distinguish a competent Automotive SEO specialist by the way his or her PPC ad campaign changes and conforms to different popular occasions, happenings and events like the New Year, Christmas, Valentines, etc. In this connection, you can smoothly insert an offer as well such as discounts, specials, vouchers, and so forth.

Not maximizing allotted characters

Ninety five, that’s 95 characters maximum to catch, lead and convert searchers. It sounds like it’s more than enough but when you include the spaces and punctuation marks, surprise! You suddenly find yourself needing MORE! To make matters worse, many PPC campaign managers like to baffle the average Joe with a bunch of techie words and jargon of the industry to make it sound like they are knowledgeable and competent. Your ad should expound the fact your company stands out from the rest as well as have a strong call to action set up.

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I am the owner and Chief Operations Officer of Drive Digital Group. My role is to oversee the operations of the company across all products & Services.

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Chris Burns

I am the owner and Chief Operations Officer of Drive Digital Group. My role is to oversee the operations of the company across all products & Services.

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