Top 5 Ways To Put Your Pay Per Click SEM Campaign On Steriods

As with any SEO endeavor, there are various methods, steps, combinations of steps, and strategies. There is not much difference when we concentrate in optimizing an Automotive Pay Per Click search engine marketing (SEM) campaign. As Automotive SEO projects go, most of the competent groups or companies include PPC optimization into their overall SEO campaign for a client’s website. This helps in establishing the client’s website visibility mainly on Google SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) since the whole idea is to have the target traffic locate the site before any others as much as possible.ppc steroids Aside from being able to garner a high Google quality score, which measures click through rates (CTR), landing pages, the relevance of the ads, relevance of keywords, the site’s performance since it started out and other relevant variables, listed below are the top 5 ways of how to optimize a PPC SEM campaign.

1.       In The Loop

Always keep track of what’s going on with your SEM campaign, most especially your traffic lead conversions. The information gathered here can readily aid you in coming up with good keywords in the future.

2.       Identify Your Market

Whether you’re working on your own project or for a client’s, know the product inside out as much as possible. This is crucial in figuring out which market the product would most likely have high traffic yields.

3.       Begin At Ground Level

This is called playing it safe. As you progress, constantly keeping a watchful eye on your campaign, you will get to know what works and what doesn’t. Based on those factors that seem to have a positive effect on your SEM campaign, you can then ramp up your efforts. This also allows you to try out various other keywords, tags, brands, and descriptive terms. There isn’t much to lose (if any) since everything is scaled down at the beginning.

4.       Keep Updated

Google always comes up with such nifty tools and features that may or may not be worth employing in your SEM campaign. For instance, Google’s conversion optimizer helps you focus on your bid for quality traffic that can be converted instead of the volume of traffic.

5.       Ads

There are two types of ads that you can use — targeted ads and optimized ads. Both are effective in their own rights. However, with regard to pay per click (PPC) campaign, optimized ads are the way to go since you to drive high click-through rates regardless of the type of traffic. Format your ads to suit the type of product you have. Make sure you break out your Ads into smaller and smaller groups so that you can target the keywords & Ads more specifically. This will yield a better quality score and ultimately a better cost per click, enabling you to further stretch your budget and get a better return on your investment! Additionally, it is vital to research PPC markets since varying PPC platforms produces a specific audience or a broader spectrum of them, thus, choose the right ads for a specific ad network and do not stick to one call to action alone. Having different ads allows you to discover what will work well for any specific bid term. These are the basics that are required to improve your SEM performance. For an in depth analysis or coaching session inquire online and we will be happy to help you increase your ROI with SEM!

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