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What gets into your mind when you think of websites for posting your car inventory online? Craigslist? E-bay? Autotrader perhaps? It can be quite mind boggling selecting one site from another. Essentially, it all boils down to which one is the most effective. With this in mind, you would need a site that does not necessarily have the highest traffic but something that has the highest PURCHASING traffic. This means that you would need to look for a site or host that has a continuous and stable flow of targeted traffic or site visitors which have high sales potential.

Here is a comprehensive list of the current top 5 automotive websites that have the target visitors where you could market your car inventory.

1.       www.AutoTrader.com

This has about 8 million targeted visitors. It provides services like car research, car pricing tools, loans, insurance and tutorials on the optimum way on how to sell your car.

2.       www.Edmunds.com

This has close to 7 million targeted visitors. It offers three different dealer programs which are the Free Listings, the New Car Leads and the Premier Dealer Program.

3.       www.Cars.com

This has about 3.5 million targeted visitors. Their Ad Package connects you with quality buyers at a lower cost per vehicle than single dealer ads. They offer exclusive partnerships, advertising campaigns and free training and resources to help you sell more cars, drive traffic to your store, and build your dealership brand.

4.       www.CarMax.com

This has about 3 million targeted visitors. They provide research as well such as ratings and reviews, payment calculators, fuel economy, and offer tips. They also have various financing plans.

5.       www.MotorTrend.com

This also has close to 3 million targeted visitors. Although 5th based on site visits, it has one of the most comprehensive lists of car dealers which can be searched either by car make (brand) or by State.

The information here regarding estimates of targeted visitors each one of these sites get on a monthly basis as of 2011 has been provided by Compete.com.

Now, although these sites are extremely effective, that’s not to say that they are the only sites you have to be concerned with. New would-be car owners do not know these sites but know Craigslist which is not a site exclusively dedicated to car dealerships or car selling. The downside to Craigslist is that it doesn’t provide any form of buyer protection plan and doesn’t offer any car or car pricing research. It’s just a straight-up, independent nationwide classified-ad website. As such, online scams are a common occurrence here.

What you have to remember that not all paid ads provide the best return for your dollar. That said, you may want to check out different reviews or postings from previous customers or dealers as well.

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Chris Burns

I am the owner and Chief Operations Officer of Drive Digital Group. My role is to oversee the operations of the company across all products & Services.

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