Drive Digital Group Ice Bucket Challenge

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Here is our ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Make sure to spread the word and donate! We are an automotive digital advertising agency that believes in spreading the cause! Click here to donate!


Drive Executive Journey Karaoke

It has been said that those who work hard also like to play hard. As proof that we at Drive Digital Group live this philosophy, I present to you the below video of CEO Adam Rouff and CIO Chris Burns performing live Karaoke of the Journey song Don’t Stop Believin’ from their 1981 Escape album. We like how the locals in Tampa broke out into spontaneous coordinated dancing halfway through the song. Are these guys in the wrong line of work?


activEngage Ping Pong Challenge

For those of you that don’t know activEngage is the industry leader in automotive live chat solutions.

Since our offices are only a hop, skip, and a jump away from the Maitland, Florida based offices of activEngage, we like to stop by and visit with the owners to share notes on the industry and stay up to date with their latest and greatest. We are big fans of their company and often refer them as a chat vendor to our current automotive website design customers looking for a state of the art managed chat solution.

On one of our previous visits to their offices we discovered that they have a great gaming area for their staff which includes a ping pong table. One of the items on our agenda for our visit this week was for myself and our Director of Product Development, Phil Anderson, to challenge the best activEngage had to offer in a ping pong challenge!

Apparently we had great timing as they had recently finished a ping pong tournament and they had crowned the “ping pong wizard”, Nate Smith (Inside Account Executive), as their champion. Since Phil and I are the resident ping pong champions here at Drive Digital Group, we couldn’t resist a friendly test of our table tennis might against the best activeEngage had to offer.

I have to say that Nate put up a great fight, but in the end both Phil and myself defeated him in Mortal (ping pong) Kombat! This victory has led us to believe that there is a distinct possibility that there is no other automotive company that can defeat our guys in a heads up Ping Pong Challenge.

We know there are many Florida based automotive companies that might think they have what it takes to give us a run for their money and I say to those companies that this is an open challenge. We hereby proclaim ourselves the Southeastern Automotive Ping Pong Champions! We invite anyone to openly challenge us at any time to see if they have what it takes to claim the title for themselves. Right down the road from us is Dealers United, we don’t know if they have any Ping Pong players on staff, but if they do we openly challenge them to a tournament at the time and place of their choosing!

It’s good to be the Kings!


How To Make Drive & Determination Last

Automotive Digital Marketing

At our company we have weekly team building meetings hosted by Heath Panginiban, our Director of SEO & Video Production. The purpose of these meetings is to get together as a group and share thoughts, ideas, and inspiration around a topic of the week. This helps to keep us all as a group motivated, focused, and sharing our strengths with others.

automotive seo companyThe topic of the week of January 2nd was Drive & Determination. It’s common no matter what job you have that after your initial probationary period ends, you tend to start taking shortcuts, easing up on the gas pedal, decreasing productivity and potentially over all slacking.

We met as a team to discuss the challenges that keep us from maintaining a high level of productivity, energy and enthusiasm in our jobs as time goes on. I will list the bullet points of what I wrote down along with any necessary descriptions for each one below.

  • Plan Ahead. By planning ahead you are able to accomplish goals better as well as help to control your pace. Thinking about tomorrow at the end of your day or possibly even planning out your goals for the week on Monday can really help you stay focused on what you need to accomplish.
  • Keep A Schedule On A Calendar. This kind of graphical reference really helps to keep you on track throughout your day with visual reminders of what needs to be accomplished and when.
  • Focus on One Thing when inundated with work. It’s easy to get so flustered that you don’t even know where to begin. By focusing on one single task you can drowned out the rest of the work and just focus on getting something done. Prioritize your list and then attack things one at a time. Don’t work on multiple projects at once when your feeling flustered already.
  • Make lists.
  • External Motivations. Sometimes it’s good to read books or watch videos. Getting ideas and feeding off the energies of others has a two pronged benefit of giving you motivation and also educating yourself.
  • Send your lists to yourself via email. If you have an email you are forced to read it and better able to hold yourself accountable to the list your create for yourself.
  • Seek Motivation on Long Projects. When you start to feel like your butting your head against a wall or you’ve been working on something so long you are going cross eyed, it can help to get an outside opinion. Often something as simple as reassurance or a second opinion from a fresh viewpoint can keep you motivated on your task at hand.
  • Call Clients. By calling a client and informing them you are about to perform some work for them you are locking in an outside influence to get that job done. By communicating your intention to do something with a responsible party you are forced to hold yourself accountable to getting it done!

These are some of the things that our team does in order to keep themselves driven and determined to get things done without losing their fire inside for the job.

Please feel free to share with us any ideas or tools you use that can help!