Inventory Hosting

Inventory Hosting and Management

By hosting your car dealer inventory with us, you will centralize, streamline, and turn your dealership’s inventory into a powerful dealer inventory marketing outlet. Our centralized dealer inventory is manageable via the web from anywhere anytime. We can customize your inventory display to maximize your particular dealer website’s strength and even offer you indexed dealer inventory that will show up in the organic Google search results! Our standard automotive inventory hosting comes packed with features that will help you greatly enhance your dealer inventory marketing efforts. What do you get when you host your dealer inventory with us?

  • Static inventory pages for each new car model on your site
  • Indexed inventory optimized for text, images and video
  • The most attractive printable window stickers in the industry
  • Analytics and web based manager
  • Training and support
  • Customized inventory display

What are some of the features of our inventory hosting that separate us from our competitors?

  • We append stock photos for any vehicle that is delivered to us with no images automatically (three exterior with matched color and three interior). colors always match the vehicle even with stock photos!
  • Our inventory is fully optimized with rich text snippets utilizing the latest markup specifically for the automotive industry.
  • We accept feeds from any feed provider
  • We export your inventory
  • Sold vehicles are kept and changed to a sold status. Someone searching for a specific vehicle you no longer have on the lot will be able to find similar vehicles.
  • Image XML sitemaps are provided to help drive image search traffic to your inventory pages
  • Able to put widgets on any page of site showcasing featured vehicles
  • Every car shows similar new and used vehicles