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Car dealerships have many options when it comes to digital marketing. The problem that dealers have is that search engine optimization is not typically the core service for website companies, even though they often sell SEO services. Drive Digital Group focuses on doing the work and following the search engine practices that are guaranteed to provide positive results in organic search results to dealers. You need to partner with a company that specializes in SEO or you’re just flushing your money away to a vendor that doesn’t understand how to power your dealership to the top of search results. The top three positions is where users are clicking when searching online, you need to be there… or they may just go to your competitor. Request your FREE digital evaluation today. We’ll show you how to effectively optimize your site with:

  • Full on-page optimization of every page of your site.
  • Authority building through unique relevant on page content.
  • Semantically markup your website for better organic performance.
  • High quality backlinks via press release & guest blogging.
  • Local Citation Building.
  • Transparent real time reporting.

Why Choose DRIVE Digital Group?

Here’s Why Successful Dealerships Do…

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    Drive Digital Group has taken our internet marketing to new heights. They designed a clean and user-friendly website that has allowed our advertising efforts to truly pay off. The team is consistently searching for ways to improve our business, and they are always available to help in any way. I would recommend Drive to anyone that is looking for a digital marketing company that is always a step ahead.

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    Drive digital Group has helped our dealership Island Auto Buyers enter into the world of the Internet. Prior to Signing with Drive Digital we had ZERO internet presence. Thanks to the SEO team we are on Google front pages and are now selling cars ! Thanks for taking Island Auto Buyers to the next level !!!

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On Page SEO

Unlike competitors, we fully optimize every page of your website including meta title tag, meta description tags, image title tags, hyperlink alt tags, optimized content, H1 tags, H2 tags, etc. We add additional static content pages and increased authority through blogging. Our staff puts in the work that our competitors don’t want to.

automotive search engine optimization

Semantic Markup

Another way that we build authority and increase rankings for your business is to implement semantic markup through structured data from This is the future and Drive Digital Group has been at the forefront of this technology. All inventory pages are fully marked up for maximum performance.

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High Quality Backlinks

We are very judicious in our backlinks strategy. The backlinks have become a very dangerous ranking method and we only acquire high quality unique and industry relevant backlinks to your website. Our copywriters and SEO team make sure that all links we point to your site are top shelf. We don’t waste any time on low quality backlinks as they can harm your SEO.


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What Sets Drive Digital Group SEO Apart?

  • Semantic SEO improves click through of organic search engine listings
  • Full optimization of every page of your dealer website ensures maximum inner page rankings
  • We create static pages that are content rich for each model, ensuring higher rankings for model & trim specific searches and also better landing pages for Automotive PPC.
  • Full Reporting that shows historical comparison data for each keyword being tracked on all major search engines.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of manipulating off-page and on-page website elements in order to rank a dealer’s website higher on Google and other search engine’s results for targeted keywords. Google has the largest market share of search online and they also have the most complicated ranking algorithms. Drive Digital Group is connected in the SEO community and we stay on top of all changes and developments in the SEO world. Our proven expertise has helped many dealerships rank organically at the top of Google, which is bringing them a constant source of exclusive, qualified sales leads on a daily basis. With our managed SEO services, we will take your dealership to new heights online.

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Dealer SEO

It all begins with a solid plan. Some keywords are searched thousands of times per month, while others may only be searched a couple hundred times. Our first task it to identify which terms produce the most traffic in your primary market area. We analyze your competition that is currently ranking for those terms and uncover what they have been doing and ranking for, as well as, provide you with our independent research findings about which terms will provide your company with the most traffic to your dealer website.

Once we have identified your profitable keyword terms, we begin to implement them into your website. We develop a number of pages with content that are meant to help your website rank for your targeted, profitable keywords. Whether we design you a site from the ground up, or we perform our proprietary on-page SEO methodology to your existing website, the next step is to begin a link building campaign for you.

We have a proprietary link building solution that will generate targeted, relevant incoming links to your dealer website. An incoming link is like a vote as far as Google is concerned. The more relevant and targeted votes a site has by trusted sources, the higher your website will be ranked in Google. Links are not all equal. There are lots of factors that go into a good link and Drive Digital Group utilizes every one of them. Our custom Dealer SEO program will continue to gather incoming links to your website over time. This looks natural and organic which is exactly what the search engines expect to see in authority sites they rank. Each passing day that we continue to perform our Dealer SEO techniques on your website, it will grow more powerful, rank higher in Google, and get more visitors that we help you convert into qualified sales leads.

Dealer Local SEO

Using Google maps and other major search engine directory listings, you can easily dominate many local search terms immediately. Most Dealer SEO companies don’t provide the breadth of services that Drive Digital Group does with regard to Dealer SEO. We ensure that you are everywhere your customers might be looking for your online! Local business listings and integrated map listings will help generate great results quickly.

Become The King Of The Hill

Automotive Search Engine Optimization

Marketing online just to your specific brand is only the tip of the iceberg. We help dealers target business from other manufacturers and even other local competition. There is no reason that you can’t take away your competitor’s market share by utilizing the internet properly. If you sell used cars, you have the potential to take business away from cross-brand competitors, which will further increase your bottom line with our powerful Dealer SEO services behind you!

It’s time to get off the fence and bring your dealership into the next century. Take full advantage of the internet’s power, and use it to turn your dealer website into a money making profit machine with our managed Dealer SEO services.