Six Signs Your SEO Strategy Sucks

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Automotive Search engine optimization (SEO) can be a tricky topic, especially if you don’t have a web or marketing background. It involves a great deal of knowledge on implementing the right tactics in the right place and using the right keywords to generate the right type of traffic.

If you’ve decided to tackle the automotive SEO beast on your own, it’s possible that you’re not seeing the best results. Most people who aren’t professional SEO providers find themselves head over heels in the world of SEO. If you’ve experienced any of the following, it’s a sign that your automotive SEO simply isn’t working.

1. You haven’t increased traffic.

When SEO tactics work correctly, they should help boost your site’s visibility, which in turn increases the amount of traffic heading to your site. If the amount of traffic visiting your site is the same as it was before you implemented SEO (or—gasp—if it’s worse), that’s a clear-cut sign that your SEO tactics are not working.

2. You haven’t moved up in the search engines.

Successful SEO tactics will also help your automotive website gain more visibility on the search engines, which means that you should start seeing your site listing higher and higher. If you were on page 8 before you started your SEO, and one year later you’re still on page 8, your SEO isn’t working.

3. You drop in the search engines.

Having the same ranking for months on end is much better than dropping in ranking, but a fallen rank means that your SEO isn’t doing its job. If you again started on page 8 before implementing SEO, and have since fallen to page 12, something is not quite right.

4. Your website does not have content.

Website content is important to SEO because it is where you will find keywords, and keywords are the heart and soul of SEO. If your website is made up of forms or Flash images, you’re not optimized for successful SEO. Make sure that you are using keywords throughout your website content, and make sure that you’re also adding keywords to image titles and descriptions to help you get the most out of your SEO.

5. You’re not using social media.

Social media is a great way to drive traffic to your site. You can push out links to valuable content from your automotive website to your social media fans and followers. Now, your fans and followers can easily click on a link and be directed to your site, which increases your traffic and improves your SEO.

6. You’re not tracking your SEO.

If you’re not tracking your SEO, you’re not going to know if it’s working. Make sure that you know the metrics of your site before you implement SEO, and then continue to track your efforts after it’s implemented. But keep in mind that SEO will not generate results overnight, so don’t quit your SEO tactics if you don’t see changes right away.

SEO is an important marketing tactic for your business. Some companies just don’t know how to implement it the right way or use the right strategies. If you’re noticing any of these examples, it’s a sign that your SEO tactics, well, suck.

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I am the owner and Chief Operations Officer of Drive Digital Group. My role is to oversee the operations of the company across all products & Services.

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Chris Burns

I am the owner and Chief Operations Officer of Drive Digital Group. My role is to oversee the operations of the company across all products & Services.

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