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Why should you have a Facebook for your dealership?

Automotive Social Media | Facebook Paid Campaigns

Online research and Internet purchases are becoming more commonplace as the days go on. The world of online marketing is only growing stronger and more important to automotive dealerships that are looking to expand their business. One of the best ways to get your name out into your community is through social media platforms, but with so many to choose from it can be overwhelming to even begin. When getting started, Facebook is a great outlet for the automotive industry and we believe creating and engaging will help to grow your auto business!

When most businesses begin to think about starting an online automotive social media presence, Facebook is their top priority, and we agree! Facebook offers dealerships a huge audience, and with 71% of online adults using their Facebook accounts, you have access to your community almost as a whole, all from one computer. Facebook has a unique ‘friends & family’ feel to it, that allows you to get to know your customers, to share with them, and for them to feel comfortable interacting with you through comments, messages, and reviews.

Facebook also offers direct advertising, in which your creative ads, specials, contests, and campaigns can be targeted to specific audiences. Gone are the days of paid advertising that use your budget to advertise to the entire world. Now, Facebook allows you to choose who you want to see your ads. You can get as specific as “Adults 18+” in “Specific City, State.” Your advertising budget just got a whole lot more valuable when you know that you are accessing the people that live and work down the street from your dealership!

Facebook is the new yellow pages when it comes to automotive social media marketing for your automotive dealership! Let us help you with your campaign today.