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Why is duplicate content such a bad thing?

Automotive Websites & SEO

My team and I run scans and evaluations on our sites as well potential customers often looking for duplicate content. Many times we find that most automotive websites have the most duplicate content. Why is that? Well, many of the platforms that these automotive websites are built on automatically fill in title tags, meta descriptions, header tags, etc. They don’t put in the manpower to go through with a strategy and implement a process.

We find the most duplicate meta data when scanning through competitors inventory. We manage sites that have an inventory of 50 cars on lot, to up to 2,000 cars on lot. Keep in mind that each vehicle has a dedicated landing page. Imaging all of these pages having the same information in all the important places that search engines crawl. Most competitors do not dynamically change their automotive inventory data like we do. So the question is:

Why is duplicate content such a bad thing?

  • It’s SPAMMY! Google will only read your multiple duplicate data as spammy, keyword stuffed material.
  • New content might not get crawled! Do you want to read the same thing over and over? NO. And neither do search engine. Search engines may decide to stop crawling your automotive website once you have give 500 inventory pages of the same data.
  • Duplicate content can & will hurt your website total ranking.
  • Google can take your website completely out of their search engine results if they feel you are being manipulative.
There are some cases where duplicate content is a necessity. Disclaimers, policies, ect. Here is a segment from Matt Cutts addressing those situations.

Search engine optimization is a hands on process. SEO takes time and man hours. Make sure that you’re automotive SEO is being handled properly and that there is no duplicate content on your website.