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4 Reasons You Should Be Using Bing Ads

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As it stands, Google is king. When bringing in new clients who wish to use SEM to some extent, Google Adwords is always the starting line. With that being said, so many businesses neglect a large portion of the consumer base by only advertising with Google. Lets look at 4 reasons you should be using Bing Ads as part of your digital marketing strategy.

1. Bing Has 30% of the Search Market Share
Google has approximately 68% of the search market share. That means there’s still approximately 30% of the market not seeing your ads if you’re only advertising on Google. If over a quarter of your consumer base is using Bing or Yahoo as their default search engine, you want to make sure they’re going to see your ads. automotive digital advertising

2. Less Competition
For the simple fact that everyone needs to be on Google, you’ll find less competition on Bing/Yahoo. This equates to potential customers seeing your ads and not those of your primary competitors.

3. Lower CPC’s
With less competition on the network, we see much lower Cost-Per-Click’s on Bing when compared to those of the same industry on Google. Lower CPC’s on each ad = more clicks for your money!
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4. Easy To Import Existing Google Campaigns
It takes all of 5 minutes to import campaigns from Google Adwords to Bing Ads. You may have to fix some small issues, such as location extensions or geo-targeting, but it’s still MUCH less time-consuming than creating the campaigns from scratch. A recent update to Bing Ads also added URL auto-tagging, so there’s no need to generate those pesky UTM parameters.

Final Thoughts
Assuming a business has a well-managed website, with an effective SEO plan in place, Search Engine Marketing is the next step to increasing your Digital presence and Brand-awareness. While Google Adwords should be at the forefront of your SEM strategy, be sure to include Bing Ads in any plan-of-attack on the digital war that is PPC.