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Instant Search Automotive Inventory

Automotive Websites | Instant Inventory Search

Drive Digital Group is proud to finally showcase a new standard for automotive websites, and we call it Instant Search!

Why Instant Search

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Vehicle inventory pages are by far the most trafficked pages of a car dealer’s website. We know this to be true as we monitor analytics on a wide variety of Independent and Brand dealer’s automotive websites. Since we know that the primary reason people are visiting the dealer’s website is to get to their inventory and sift through it to find what they are looking for, we know that the faster we can get them to what they are looking for, the better their experience will be and the more likely they are to stay on your site looking at the vehicles they are interested in.

Previously, the best way digital web providers have found to allow users to find the vehicles they are interested in is by implementing many drop down pick list search options. The user would have to enter a year range, make, model, trim, price range, body style, and possibly many other options before searching through the results and trying to find the vehicles they are interested in.

While automotive web providers have found many creative and interesting ways to quickly lead users to these inventory search forms, the ultimate problem has remained that it is cumbersome and time consuming for users to find what they are looking for.

As all of the usability studies on website users will show, people’s attention spans drop to infantile rates when they are on automotive websites. Imagine asking them to sort through 4-6 options followed by sifting through inventory results to find what they are looking for. They might do it, but only because no matter which automotive website they go to, they will have to work their way through a very similar interface. But no longer!

Enter Instant Inventory Search

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Drive Digital Group is the first automotive digital marketing agency to implement instant search. Instant search is a simple search bar that is powerful and intuitive. We conveniently place the instant search bar in the header of the website globally, so that no matter where the user is on the web page, they are only one or two keywords away from quickly finding the vehicles they are looking for.

By simply entering any keyword in the search bar, our instant search tool will begin showing results underneath the bar instantly! Our instant search shows them exactly how many matching results we could find and we break it up by new and used vehicles for the user.

Relevance is key!

The instant inventory search results will display the most relevant inventory results that we can find in your inventory based on the keywords the users is searching. If, for example, the user searched for a 2012 Blue Civic, we would obviously show any of those vehicles you have in stock. if you don’t have any of that particular vehicle in stock, we will show 2012 civics, blue civics, civics, and other 2012 depending on what you have in inventory.

Instant Automotive Inventory Searching

This is the future of automotive inventory searching on car dealer websites! As an automotive website provider we are very proud to be able to offer this smart instant search tool to our customers. When combined with Semantic Markup, Drive Digital Group Automotive websites are a powerhouse for car dealers looking to dominate their local markets!