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6 Minute Pitch For Shark Tank Show

Yesterday our CEO Adam Rouff and our CIO Chris Burns attended a taped show in front of a live audience giving a six minute pitch to former Shark Tank judge Kevin Harrington. Take a look at some of our behind the scenes pictures of our event experience below.

bay news 9

The event was featured on the local Bay News Channel 9 this morning. You can see our leadership on the cover image and there is a linked video which includes some footage of Chris and Adam being interviewed by the news team about their pitch experience.

The event is part of the Bright House Regional Business Awards based out of Tampa Florida. You can learn more about the award in our previous post about Drive Digital Group’s involvement it the Award.

Chris and Adam arrived at the event around 2:00 PM yesterday at the Lowery Park Zoo in Tampa. They had plenty of time to tour the zoo and the event facility before the event rehearsal at 3:00 PM. They spent several hours backstage getting to meet the other four contestants and being prepped with make-up for the show. They spent their free time polishing their six minute pitch.

At 4:00PM the live audience was allowed into the studio seating and at 5:00 PM the show kicked off with a live DJ and a panel of four judges led by ex Shark Tank judge Kevin Harrington.

At 5:30 Drive Digital Group took the stage as the third presenter out of five contestants. Although there were some technical glitches with the Power Point, Chris and Adam managed to have a really strong presentation which was followed up by a question and answer session with the judges. The judges asked some great clarifying questions and our teams impression was that our answers to their questioning really helped the judges to fully appreciate our company’s value proposition. At one point Kevin Harrington smiled and looked at Chris & Adam nodding his head with the simple statement “I get it now”.

After the show there was an hour of mingling at the venue with Chris and Adam had a chance to personally speak with the judges and some of the other companies that attended the show. It was a great chance to make a last impression on the judges before the final decisions are made about who will win the start up category.

Next Thursday (February 27th) there will be an awards gala at the Hilton in downtown Tampa. The award ceremony will also be recorded to complete taping of the “Pitch 6” show which will be aired as a pilot show on one of the Bright House channels which has not been announced yet. Drive Digital Group is hoping to bring home the cash prize, the year of free advertising on the Bright House networks, and most importantly the title of the best start up business in the region!

We hope to report back next week that we won our category! If anyone is in the Tampa area we hope you stop by and see us if you plan to attend the show.