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Posting videos on Instagram

Automotive Social Media

Have you ever been in a position where you want to post a video on Instagram but it zooms in pretty bad and your video gets cut off? It’s because videos, just like pictures are automatically portioned to post as 1×1 instead of 16:9. You want the entire video posted in 16:9 format even if it means sacrificing a little screen space right? Right. So here’s how you do it. Below is a link to an app called Squareready for Video. It automatically sized your video to zoom out and fit to 16:9. It has ads…but who cares..IT’S FREE!

Step one after download: Open App

Step 2:Select the album with the video you want to re-size in it

Step 3: Select video

Step 4:Boom. Done. It re-sized. Just click save and you’re on your way. You can even zoom it in a little or rotate the video if you’d like.

Hope this social media blog on posting videos on Instagram helped you out! Feel free to link your social post to it!

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