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Google doesn’t care about your title tags!

Title Tag Optimization | Automotive SEO

Just kidding! They do! If it follows their guidelines and regulations. Ever notice if you do a Google search that Google will sometimes change your title tag to what they think is “best fit” for that search query? The reason they do this is because though your title tag may be a decent one, Google feels their algorithms can put something a little better together to better serve the user. This does NOT mean that you can take a break from your on site automotive SEO!. You still need compelling content that Google can pull from.

So what’s the criteria?

It’s simple! “We are looking for a concise descriptions of the page that’s also relevant to the query.” -Matt Cutts

  1. Something relatively short
  2. Has a good description of the page
  3. Relevant to the search query

Hear what Matt himself has to say!

All of this is especially important for automotive SEO’s out there. People looking for new cars to buy are on a hunt to find the best more relevant information they can find. Providing them with well optimized title tags that are shown to them upon search will greatly impact your click through rate.