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How Web Design Impacts Your Web Presence

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I believe many in the automotive industry realize how important web design is in their ability to reach business goals as well as reach their customers, but do they know why? Web design includes many processes, such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), traffic, branding, and conversion rates. In fact, your company’s web design is a major part of its marketing strategy, whether you know it or not. Web design is so much more than aesthetics or placement of content; it’s a method of bringing awareness to your dealership and to your inventory on the web, as well as converting shoppers into buyers.

There have been many studies conducted on how web design elements and content have an effect on the user’s attitude or trust towards a company, its products, and its website. One such study called “Trust and Mistrust of Online Health Sites” researched how different design and information content factors influence trust and mistrust of online health sites. Fifteen women faced with a risky health decision were observed while searching the Internet for information and advice over four consecutive weeks. In some sessions their searches were unstructured, while other sessions they were directed to review specific sites, chosen for their trustworthy design elements. Based on verbalizations and group discussions, they recognized that design appeal, credibility of information, and personalization of content projected a sense of trust towards the use of particular websites.

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To realize how important the design of your website is, think about how much it would effect your business if your site was poorly designed. Think about this for a minute, your website is the face of your company’s online presence and also a sales and marketing approach for increasing traffic to the site and to your dealership. If a website is designed poorly, i.e. if the site is too busy or complex, if it has too many pop-ups, if it lacks color or a sense of good design, or if it loads extremely slow the user will simply leave your site.

A website can be great for SEO or extremely damaging, depending on how the site was designed. Search engines reward sites that implement responsive web design and it also lowers bounce rates because users have a tendency to stay on your site when they can actually view all of the content. From the structure of your code to what terms are used, web design effects SEO in a major way.

automotive digital marketing

Your web design should be much more than an after thought and it is important for businesses and professionals to understand that the way a website is designed means so much more than how it looks. Web design plays a major role on the web and it is exceptionally important in the automotive industry. When you are trying to increase and retain customers, your SEO, conversion rates, and your bottom line depend on good web design principles.